Exclusive: James Badge Dale and Ben Schwartz talk The Walk!

In THE WALK, James Badge Dale (best known for his supporting turns in IRON MAN 3, FLIGHT and THE DEPARTED) and Ben Schwartz (of Parks and Recreation and House of Lies fame) play, respectively, Jean Pierre and Albert, two of high-wire artist Philippe Petit's legendary accomplices who conspired to help him make the stunning walk across the Twin Towers in 1974. No, they didn't take the daring stroll themselves, but they were pretty much as integral to the operation as Petit himself. After all, if he hadn't had co-conspirators, he would never have been able to take that first step, let alone the steps that followed.

I sat down with Dale and Schwartz - two fans of the site, it turns out - to talk THE WALK; how it affects them as native New Yorkers, dressing for the 70s and how they prepared to play these roles.

Bonus video! Here Dale, Schwartz and I chat about "JoBlo" and the site's recognizable insignia! You can't really beat Schwartz's reaction to hearing JoBlo.com!  

Source: JoBlo.com



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