Exclusive: Jon Spaihts talks Universal's monster cinematic universe

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We've seen some gnarly set-pics from the upcoming Mummy reboot starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella and while information on the upcoming flick is scarce, writer Jon Spaihts was kind enough to give JoBlo.com a little insight into Universal's Monster Cinematic Universe. Our own Walkuski shared a few words with the writer regarding THE MUMMY, VAN HELSING, and the universe it resides in. Check it out!

Writer Jon Spaihts on the design of the mummy:

It pays homage to the original Karloff version, to be sure, and you'll see references there, but it is refreshing many things. By the time a monster makes it into kids cartoons and becomes a common Halloween mask, it's time to reclaim its original scariness, to inject some originality. Alex Kurtzman and I and the army of artists who labored to make the film have really found new ground upon which The Mummy can scare people.

On whether or not the film has more horror than action:

I call it horror adventure, I think it does both things.

Regarding Universal's Monsters Cinematic Universe and whether or not it will resemble a "monstrous AVENGERS":

I think in the best case scenario you will see a new universe of films being made, each with a deep mythology of its own, but one that allows those mythologies to intermingle across a wider franchise and will ultimately bring the heroes and villains of these stories into contact with one another.

On how far along VAN HELSING is:

Van Helsing is very far down the road in terms of its story, and we're waiting to see how the film will be put together.

DRACULA UNTOLD didn't exactly kick-start the series in the way Universal had hoped, but THE MUMMY is certainly poised to do so. Tom Cruise is a much bigger name and usually brings with him a plethora of talented filmmakers. I'm not exactly sure how this will all tie together, but if they can give us a strong start with THE MUMMY, then I feel people will be a lot more receptive towards the other solo films and how they'll all tie together!

THE MUMMY will open in theaters on June 9, 2017.

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