Exclusive: Mad Max director George Miller talks stunts, Tom Hardy, & sequels

One of my favorite filmmakers of all time is the legendary George Miller. From HAPPY FEET to BABE: PIG IN THE CITY to LORENZO'S OIL, he has proven to have incredible range as a storyteller. And growing up with the fantastic MAD MAX series, he was a major influence on the way I viewed movies. THE ROAD WARRIOR is still one of my favorite action adventure flicks ever, and I couldn't be happier to see MAD MAX: FURY ROAD show audiences the master of cinema that Miller is. 

It is always so wonderful to talk to Mr. Miller. I had the opportunity to chat with him way back with HAPPY FEET, and now with this. During our conversation, we discussed the process of finally bringing MAD MAX back to the big screen, as well as where the series may go from here depending on the box office. He also talked about the first time he knew Tom Hardy was the perfect Max. Here is hoping that FURY ROAD will blow audiences away. I fully intend on re-visiting it a few more times myself! And just in case you weren't aware, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is opening this week and it is an absolute must see.


Source: JoBlo.com



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