Exclusive: Martial arts action takes a sci-fi turn in Kill Order clip

When watching any kind of martial arts epic, especially any starring the likes of Jet Li, Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen, you start to believe these men and women have some sort of magical powers. These powers allow them to rapidly punch, do incredible stunts, and use their bodies in confounding ways. In the case of the movie KILL ORDER, the main character actually does have special abilities that allow him to kick and punch with extreme power. Of course, he uses them to go off the f**king chain in this exclusive clip for the movie, showing him taking on a hallway full of baddies. Who doesn’t love a good hallway fight scene?

The movie is about a young man, David Lee (stuntman turned actor Chris Mark), who soon discovers he has special powers that turn him into a super powerful fighting machine, powers he must use to fight back against government forces. It has all the trimmings of a late-night brawler that should fulfill the desires of anyone who loves quick punches and hard kicks. Sure, the quality of the film doesn’t look as sleek as some of the other martial arts productions, but who needs all that fancy stuff when you're focused on all the kung-fu fighting?

KILL ORDER arrives February 6.

Source: RLJE FilmsJoBlo



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