Exclusive: New pics from Hugh Jackman's robot boxing film Real Steel!

I spent my entire weekend watching football (glorious football...) and, as such, I saw lots and lots of commercials for REAL STEEL. It may seem like a far out premise - robots boxing and all - but as I continued watching football and the rash of injuries that seemed to befall many teams, I wondered exactly how far out is it to believe that in a few hundred years, we'll have robots playing football for us (or boxing or serving as our sassy maid).

But until then, we'll have to make do with the movies like REAL STEEL. Opening October 7th, the film stars Hugh Jackman as a former fighter bounced from the ring when the robot uprising took over the sport. Now, along with his estranged son, he's got a chance to redeem himself via scrappy junk robot Atom.

We've got an exclusive look at the film below that helps introduce us to some of the characters in the film including Atom, Ambush and Zeus.

Source: JoBlo.com



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