Exclusive: Olga Kurylenko kicks some serious ass in this clip from Momentum

We've seen the lovely and talented Olga Kurylenko kick ass before (we discuss this in the latest Hottie Stop interview), notably in QUANTUM OF SOLACE, CENTURION, and THE NOVEMBER MAN, and now she's taking it to the next level as the female lead in the action-thriller MOMENTUM, which finds her thief character on the run after pulling a major bank heist and being double-crossed by her team. Today we have an exclusive clip from the film, which has Kurylenko laying the smackdown against some particularly vicious hitmen. If you're a fan of seeing beautiful women kick the shit out of ugly bad guys then this one's for you.

Kurylenko has been a steady roll since her first big break in QUANTUM OF SOLACE, taking on a garden variety of roles, but she seems perfectly adept as a leading action lady. I'd be happy to see her take on more roles like this in future films, especially if she finds a franchise gig that can keep up the MOMENTUM (pun obviously intended. Okay, too obvious). The film also sports a really fun, over-the-top baddie in the form of James Purefoy (HBO's Rome) and a number of crazy action throwdowns, so the ingredients are certainly there for a fun romp.

MOMENTUM opens in Theaters and VOD this Friday, October 16th.

Source: JoBlo.com



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