Exclusive: Preview for DC's Suicide Squad: Black Files #2 featuring Katana!

Fans of Suicide Squad get ready for more action and adventure from the good/bad guys. Anyone looking for more time with Katana will be happy, as Suicide Squad: Black Files #2 puts her front and center in "soul" shattering tale, brought to you by writer Mike W. Barr and artistPhilippe Briones and we have an exclusive preview of the issue below. Check it out!

Here's the issue synopsis:

Trapped inside her Soultaker sword, the soul of Katana is torn between staying with her murdered husband or rejoining the world of the living. Meanwhile, Kobra’s queen, Eve, makes nefarious use of Katana’s body as she infiltrates the Suicide Squad.

 Also in this issue, Suicide Squad Black tries to leave its deadly first mission in the past and get one step ahead of the apocalypse warlock Sebastian Faust. To beat the sorcerer, this magically fueled task force needs something he covets. But like all things Suicide Squad, their next mission is no ordinary smash-and-grab, but a jewel heist on Gemworld!

Suicide Squad: Black Files #2 is on comic racks on December 5th!


Source: JoBlo.com



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