Exclusive: Reality TV gets violent in red band trailer for Espionage Tonight

It won't be long before The Orchard's action-comedy satire ESPIONAGE TONIGHT blasts onto screens in North America on October 24th. As a digital and on demand release, the bombastic and bloody escapade directed by Rob Gordon Bralver is aiming to entertain audiences while poking fun at both the United States government as well as the baffling craze that is reality television.

ESPIONAGE TONIGHT centers on a TV reality show created by the U.S. government in which real world spies compete in undercover missions around the world with the lines between reality, propaganda and fiction blurring. Produced by Amy Child, the ensemble cast features Joe Hursley, Saïd Taghmaoui, Sean Astin, Lynn Whitfield. Joining them for the uproarious romp will also be Greg Davis, Jr., Alexie Gilmore, Ganna Bogdan, Fernanda Romero, Chasty Ballesteros, and Joseph Gatt.

Recently, Bravler, who wrote and directed the film was quoted as saying the following about the project's fortuitous release, “In today’s surreal and fast-moving political climate, this film is more timely than ever. We now have an ideal partner in the industry to connect our film with audiences around the world.”

I know that I'll be checking this out simply on account of that I kind of wish it were a real thing. The film reminds me a bit of Daniel Minahan's 2001 indie flick SERIES 7: THE CONTENDERS in which people were selected at random to kill one another for fame, freedom and financial gain.

Be sure to tune into ESPIONAGE TONIGHT when it arrives via digital and on demand services beginning on October 24th.

Source: JoBlo



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