Exclusive: Resident Alien interviews with Alan Tudyk and series cast

SyFy series have long been either low budget or pulpy experiences but in recent years the network has invested in high caliber productions. Their latest, Resident Alien, is a comedy-drama starring Alan Tudyk as the titular extraterrestrial medical expert. Here's the plot of the new series.

Based on the Dark Horse comic, Resident Alien follows Harry, an alien that crash lands on Earth and passes himself off as a small-town human doctor. Arriving with a secret mission to kill all humans, Harry starts off living a simple life… but things get a bit rocky when he’s roped into solving a local murder and realizes he needs to assimilate into his new world. 

We got the chance to chat about Resident Alien with the cast including Corey Reynolds who plays Sherrif Mike "Big Black" Thompson, Levi Fiehler as Mayor Ben Hawthorne, Alice Wetterlund as bartender D'Arcy Morin, and Sara Tomko as nurse Asta Twelvetrees. They shared their experiences making this series as well as working within both genre conventions as well as great comedy and drama.

We also got to talk with the star himself, Alan Tudyk, about his alien role and how he drew inspiration from his work in Rogue One to I,Robot and even Tucker & Dave Vs. Evil. Check out our conversation with Tudyk below.

Resident Alien premieres on January 27th on SyFy.

Source: JoBlo.com

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