Exclusive: Rosamund Pike faces an intruder in this Return to Sender clip


For those of you who relish every moment Rosamund Pike is on-screen (that should be everyone), we have an exclusive clip for you from her upcoming film, RETURN TO SENDER. This independent flick looks to utilize Pike at her best - with an introspective look into her character - but I've included a synopsis for you if you're unfamiliar with the material.

Miranda (Rosamund Pike) is a dedicated nurse, but when she agrees to a blind date and the wrong man comes to her door…her perfect world is shattered by a brutal assault. Even after her attacker, William (Shiloh Fernandez), is convicted and locked away for the crime, Miranda can’t overcome the fear and trauma enough to put her orderly life back together. Desperate for closure, she reaches out to William – first through letters, then prison visits – and slowly builds a relationship with him. But when William is paroled and comes looking for her, Miranda seizes the opportunity to exact revenge.

There are definitely parallels that can be drawn between this and GONE GIRL, but the one glaring difference is that her actions here may feel justified. That's obviously the grey area they'd like to play around with in this flick, and given the subject matter, the more screen time for Pike, the better! Her name has certainly skyrocketed in the last year, so it's cool to see that she hasn't shied away from taking on smaller projects. If you're looking to get a good Rosamund Pike fix, this may be the ticket.

RETURN TO SENDER hits theaters and VOD on August 14th.




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