Exclusive: Smash: Motorized Mayhem clip puts the pedal to the metal

Wee doggies, it's been ages since I've attended a demolition derby of any sort. As a child, I remember going to Nassau Coliseum to witness monster trucks the likes of Bigfoot and Gravedigger, who used their formidable size to grind beater-vehicles into muddy, wadded up balls of tin foil and then some. I've even been fortunate enough to attend a few local events in which drivers have risked life and limb for the art of vehicular chaos, and boy was it fun!

Today, we've got an exclusive look at a clip for director Kevin J. Burroughs's and XLrator Media's SMASH: MOTORIZED MAYHEM! Starring Don Nerone, Chuck Rush, Ben Craft and Butch Pierce, the mechanized madness of this documentary takes place in rural Florida, where blue-collar folks gather to witness a bi-annual wild event, Figure-8 School Bus Racing! Nineteen full-size school buses pack a puny 3/8-mile figure-8 track and race 20 harrowing laps to crown a victor.

SMASH: MOTORIZED MAYHEM will barrel into its official release on March 21, 2017

Extra Tidbit: Drivers must be sober, and their cars profanity-free. They can’t intentionally make driver-door hits, and they must not get out of their cars and charge the officials.
Source: XLrator Media



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