Exclusive: The Escort trailer & poster with Lyndsy Fonseca & Bruce Campbell

Lyndsy Fonseca has done a pretty good job of staying on our radar since the KICK-ASS films with appearances in How I Met Your Mother and Agent Carter, but even that's not enough. Thankfully, Fonseca is gracing the screen again, this time in the comedy THE ESCORT, co-starring with none other than Bruce "boomstick" Campbell, Rumer Willis, Tommy Dewey, and Michael Doneger, which has a kind of PRETTY WOMAN meets THANKS FOR SHARING vibe going for it. Check out the exclusive trailer and poster for the film below!

Here's the synopsis:

An unlikely bond forms between two sexually consumed outcasts. Mitch, a sex obsessed journalist, convinces Natalie, a Stanford- educated prostitute, to allow him to follow her around for an exposé he’s writing for a magazine. While initially hesitant to allow him into her life, Natalie eventually sees an upside for herself, as she (unbeknownst to Mitch) starts using him as a bodyguard to protect her from the assorted personalities she deals with on a nightly basis. What starts out as a business proposition, develops into something more.

I'm a sucker for both Fonseca and Campbell, so that makes THE ESCORT an easy sell in that regard. Sure, it looks cute and cheesy, but that's the fun of indie comedies like this, which usually have a few surprises up their sleeve. Plus, Penny from Lost!

THE ESCORT hits iTunes and VOD platforms on Tuesday, July 28th.



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