Exclusive: Tim Bradstreet's new art inspired by Conan the Barbarian!

Though Conan the Barbarian may be best remembered by some as a popular series of movies, once starring Arnold Scharzenegger and now with Jason Momoa in the Lionsgate reboot opening this weekend. But the character truly has its roots in art. While Conan appeared back into the 1930s, it wasn't until the the mid-60s when a series of novels used now-legendary artist Frank Frazetta to create the covers. It was those paintings that helped shape the legacy of Conan and the aesthetic design of the franchise.

To help keep this tradition alive (Frazetta sadly passed away last year), Lionsgate reached out to artist Tim Bradstreet to work on an image inspired by the new CONAN THE BARBARIAN. You might recognize Bradstreet's work on "Punisher," "Hellblazer" and "Blade" comics (Guillermo del Toro recruited him to work on conceptual designs for BLADE II as well).

Below is an exclusive look at Bradstreet's piece for CONAN THE BARBARIAN. It manages to be both vintage and modern at the same time and I'd be curious to read more about how Bradstreet created the texture of the piece. Check it out below (and remember, CONAN THE BARBARIAN hits theaters tomorrow).

Source: JoBlo.com



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