Top 10 Trailer Scenes Not in the Movies (video)

Believe it or not, a lot of people put a lot of stock into movie trailers. For them it’s not just a matter of becoming aware of a movie like it is for casual moviegoers, but is a showcase of footage to get them excited for something they’ve been anticipating possibly for years. Naturally, those people have a tendency to get upset when some awesome, climatic, defining moments get cut from the final product. Sometimes it’s understandable to see why these scenes would work just as a “trailer moment”, like with STAR TREK and KING KONG. But other times, like with the FORCE AWAKENS, HARRY POTTER and PREDATORS trailers, you wonder what the [email protected] was going through everyone’s heads. I don’t know who said, “Hey, you know what FANTASTIC FOUR needs? A lot less of everything everyone wants,” but that person’s punishment should be to watch the movie 15 times in a row hooked to a CLOCKWORK ORANGE-style machine that peels their eyes open.

See for yourself what moments have been ranked as the most badass trailer scenes that got the axe, and be sure to let us know what moments should have/have not made the list!

Source: Joblo



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