Exclusive: Top Gun 30th Anniversary Tribute (Video)

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True Story: TOP GUN is the movie that made me really start noticing the style of different filmmakers, which in turn made me into the movie geek I am today. I used to catch Tony Scott's REVENGE whenever it played on HBO and loved the distinct camerawork, editing, shots, etc. and then one day, I caught TOP GUN on TV and noticed how similar they were in style. This was long before the Internet, so I went to the bookstore to get a movie reference guide (aka IMDB for the non-Internet age) and found that *gasp* it WAS, in fact, the same director. That was all she wrote. From there I devoured that book (not literally) and it became a turning point in my movie education.

Now, TOP GUN is thirty years old and looking back, it's still an amazing, over-the-top, cheesy, awesome, and picturesque '80's blockbuster that skyrocketed the careers of Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer/Don Simpson, and the late, great Tony Scott (arguably Anthony Edwards and Meg Ryan as well). It's a great film to revisit and after decades of play, it still holds up as the catalyst for the Bruckheimer brand and the signature Tony Scott style that's been aped by countless filmmakers since. Enjoy our tribute to the modern classic!

"Yes, I know the finger, Goose."

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