Exclusive: Two deadly new TV spots for The Darkest Hour!

On Christmas Day, Summit Entertainment will unleash some of the nastiest interstellar villains the world has ever seen in THE DARKEST HOUR, a sci-fi thriller from director Chris Gorak (RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR) and producer Timur Bekmambetov (WANTED). The Moscow-set film revolves around a hostile invasion of unseeable aliens that are made up of "lethal wave energy"; as you'll see, this means you most certainly don't want to get too close to them...

In an effort to familiarize you with the unearthly threat, we're presenting you with not one but two commercials for the film. The spots are short but sweet, giving you a direct look at the invisible visitors' unique method of attacking - or "shredding" - their victims. As one unlucky pooch finds out, these extraterrestials don't discriminate; they're here to shred the flesh of every living creature on the planet. (See some concept art below for an example of just how they go about business.)

Thanks to some insider knowledge obtained while I was on the set of the film, I can tell you that the first ad (with the cop) is one of the earliest instances of "shredding" we see in the film; it takes place outside of a nightclub immediately after the excrement has hit the fan. The sequence with the unfortunate pup is smack in the middle of the legendary Red Square.

"The Darkest Hour TV spot #1- Cop"

"The Darkest Hour TV spot #2 - Dog"

Source: JoBlo.com



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