Exclusive: Woody Woodpecker gets the CGI treatment in new trailer

Anyone who is a fan of the classic screwball cartoons is no doubt familiar with the manic, bonkers, mischief-causing Woody Woodpecker. Known for his red, white and blue color and iconic cackle, Woody remains popular today for his over-the-top shenanigans and constant wood-pecking. Now he’s gotten the CGI treatment for a whole new live-action adventure, which finds Woody taking the business to some folks who are messing with his natural habitat. You can check out our exclusive trailer above, which features Woody using his trademark lunacy to prank, disrupt and annoy in ways only a cartoon bird can. Emphasis on annoy. Like A BIG emphasis.

Okay, if we're playing the honesty game, this looks a little terrifying, right? Woody here is the last thing I wanna see before I die, especially if he was going through a seizure like he was in the trailer. And that laugh? Shivers. However, this isn't for people over 11, is it? It's geared towards little ones, and it may even be a great stepping stone for showing them the classic cartoon. I mean, I remember watching the old cartoon on TV, along with the Looney Tunes and some Hanna-Barbera shows. Like many of his cartoon compatriots, Woody Woodpecker is undeniably endearing despite being whacky to the point of utter exhaustion, and though his laugh may drive some to the asylum, he is truly a symbol of American cartoons at their most inspired. But via this movie, the only thing he may inspire is crazed insomnia in children aged 4-8. Okay, sorry, last jab. 

WOODY WOODPECKER hits DVD, Digital and On-demand February 6, 2018.



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