Experience some nostalgia with this Netflix teaser for Fuller House

Anyone growing up in the early 90s is probably all-too familiar with Full House, for better and for worse. Still, it was a staple of 90s television and regardless of how you feel about this "sequel show", Netflix has just released a teaser that's bound to bring back some memories. Fuller house will follow D.J. Tanner-Fuller as she calls upon her sister, Stephanie, and her friend, Kimmy, to move in and help raise her three boys. As you'll see from the teaser below, we can expect a few other members of the family to make an appearance, too.

Full House was a show I watched with my sisters growing up, and while I appreciated it for the time, I'm not sure how well it would hold up if I decided to revisit it. However, there's no denying that Netflix is really delivering in terms of original content and what fans, no matter how niche the group, want. Besides, with a format that delivers an entire season at once, it's all too easy to at least give it a shot!

Fuller House will make it's way to Netflix on February 26, 2016.

Source: Netflix



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