Experience Star Wars like never before with the Battle Pod arcade cabinet

It used to be if you wanted to play the most technologically advanced video games, you had to get your ass to an arcade. Since consoles have become as advanced as they are, you can sit at home and immerse yourself in a game unlike ever before. But, some things cannot be replicated at home. For those of us who have wanted to live STAR WARS, this new arcade game will give you every incentive to find an arcade near you with STAR WARS: BATTLE POD.

A venture between Lucasfilm, Disney, and Bandai Namco, STAR WARS: BATTLE POD is a fully immersive STAR WARS game that puts you in command of an X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and many more classic vehicles from George Lucas' cinematic universe in a way you have never seen before. StarWars.com has posted a new behind the scenes video that chronicles how the arcade cabinet came to be and will instantly make you begin looking for quarters and the closest location where you can play the game.

Here's hoping the game gets popular enough that we get an EPISODE VII upgrade.

Source: YouTube



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