Extended TV Spot for Spielberg's Lincoln with Daniel Day Lewis reinvigorates its appeal

The first bout of the 2012 Presidential debates began last night with nominees Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama squaring off for the first time.  I"ll save my personal reflections on the matter, but Dreamworks chose the venue as the perfect time to slip in this extended TV spot for Steven Spielberg's LINCOLN.  The spot is a much more inspired piece than the longer teaser already released.  It shows more of the behind-the-scenes conflict at the tail end of Lincoln's presidency, highlighting his turmoil over the end of the Civil War and pushing a new ammendment to abolish slavery. 

Take a look:

I'm looking forward to LINCOLN, although it seems to be taking a very "chatty" approach, capitalizing on the exceptional skills of Daniel Day Lewis to pour salt on the scene and eat the hell out of it.  I'm cool with that for the most part, but am hoping there is more than a series of scenes where men bicker back and forth for two plus hours.  The November release of the film is perfectly timed for the U.S. elections and I'm very curious to see if that gamble pays off. 

LINCOLN opens on November 16, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: Do the upcoming U.S. elections hold any sway over your interest in seeing Lincoln?
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