Extras Xmas trailer

Ricky Gervais has been in a couple of big movies (STARDUST, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION) and Clive Owen has been in a few you might have heard of too, so I'm making the call that this is news I can report. I'm not entirely sure how much of Extras you've had over there in the States, but it ran two excellent seasons in England and now we have a trailer for the upcoming Christmas trailer.

Looks all gravy to me. As you can see, on top of Owen, Gordon Ramsey (TV's Hell's Kitchen) and George Michael will be involved, the latter doing a nice little parody of himself. If you're completely unaware as to what Extras is, it's a TV show about a fella called Andy Millman (Gervais) who does work on films as an extra, but is desperately trying to make it as a real actor. A bunch of huge actors have appeared in episodes, from Orlando Bloom to Daniel Radcliffe.
Extra Tidbit: I couldn't choose, so HERE and HERE are two of the best moments from EXTRAS, if you haven't already seen the series.
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