Ezra Miller's Flash captures Captain Boomerang in this Suicide Squad feature

Suicide Squad

David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD followed a government agency as it recruited some of the most dangerous super-villains from Gotham (and otherwise) to form a defensive task force. This may be old news to anyone who's already seen the film, but the start of the movie focuses on building up its villains, as well as how they were captured. You can see as much in this featurette which breaks down a bit of Captain Boomerang's origins, leading up to his eventual capture by Ezra Miller's The Flash!

My favorite part of SUICIDE SQUAD, by far, was watching Batman and The Flash take down some of these nefarious villains. It was a lot of fun to witness, and definitely added to the hype of the DCEU as a whole. I wish the remainder of the film was half as much fun, but I digress. Jai Courtney did a decent job as Boomerang, so I wouldn't mind seeing him tangle with Ezra Miller in future DC flicks.

SUICIDE SQUAD hits Blu-ray/DVD on December 13th.

Suicide Squad Blu-ray

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