Facehuggers are in jumpy action in new Alien: Covenant clip

Next week, folks; next week ALIEN: COVENANT arrives and your years of thirsting for the next installment in the classic franchise will finally be quenched. Are you nervous? Scared? Well, you should be scared, but because the movie will probably scare the living hell out of you with its alien terror and what with Xenomorphs hiding behind corners and in rafters and in…small crevices and such. There’s also the Facehuggers in action and who certainly give Demian Bichir a run for his money in this new clip for your squirming pleasure.

A pretty nifty little scene and I’m sure one of many that will have audiences shifting in their seats and hiding behind popcorn buckets. The movie is currently being met with mostly favorable reviews, with our own Paul Shirey giving it solid marks and a review from Chris Bumbray on the way. Even if the movie fails to meet the hype, at least we know that tons of people are gonners.

ALIEN: COVENANT arrives May 19.



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