Fake Batman poster

Dear BATMAN fans: please try to exercise a bit of common sense when it comes to news and rumors about the next movie.

Sure, it's fun to guess about the potential, and who Christian Bale might battle should he don the cowl again. But until something official is actually announced from the studio or the talent involved about the start of a next (still-theoretical) Batfilm, it's safe to assume that any and all casting, plot and/or imagery is either speculation, fan fabrication, or 100% complete bullshit.

That includes this poster that has been the recent buzz on the internets (and has been submitted to us several times over). Yes, it's a nifty image that posits the involvement of the Riddler as the next villain, but sorry folks -- it's fan-made. (I'm not certain of its origin -- it was initially sent to us by 'MadMo' and has kicked around every site that starts with http:// over the past few days. I've also seen variations without the blatantly false title.)

UPDATE: From this article in Variety on DC properties becoming movies, about Nolan's future Bat-involvement:

"There's a deal for the director to helm a third pic, but he has yet to decide on whether to tackle it yet. 'We have no idea where Chris is going with this', [WB honcho Alan] Horn says. 'We haven't had any conversations with him about it.'"


Extra Tidbit: Don't be too surprised if it turns out that Christopher Nolan already said all he wants to say within the Batman "universe". And Bale might be "signed" for another, but that doesn't mean squat when negotiations actually start.
Source: JoBlo



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