Fake Joker explained

Wow, okay. So by now most of you are aware that the supposed first clear pic posted here and everywhere else on the www of Heath Ledger as the Joker was a fake. And if you didn’t know that, then it was. But here is the ‘wow’ part—how it was done. Someone over at the Superherohype.com message boards has not only confessed to being the master Photoshop manipulator behind this little gem, but has also revealed his source material and how he went about doing it. Check all that out over HERE. I must say that I’m a little relieved. I didn’t hate what I saw and I understand that he wasn’t in character, but I was definitely hoping for something more. And this fake just builds up the anticipation that much more. Personally, I’d like to see another ten fakes released before the real one comes out. In fact, I’m going to go pick up my Photoshop manual and work on my own right now. Peace.
Extra Tidbit: Damn, this whole Photoshop thing is harder than I thought. Ah, f*ck it.
Source: Superherohype



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