Family Guy vs. Force

Family Guy Fox's twice canceled pop culture referencing machine "Family Guy" is taking its pop culture spoofing to a new level. The sixth season premiere this September will be an hour long episode re-telling the events of STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE in typical "Family Guy" fashion, i.e. with obscure and oftentimes nonsensical TV show and/or commercial referencing cutaways and intellectually superior infant Stewie attempting to assassinate his dear old mother Lois. Which, of course, makes it appropriate that Stewie will be playing Darth Vader. As for the rest of the cast, Peter will be an obese Han Solo, Lois will be a slightly older (but decidedly more "experienced") Princess Leia, Brian will be a less furry Chewbacca, Chris will be a whiny, geeky Luke (so no change from the original character there), Cleveland will be a more laid back R2-D2, Quagmire will be a perverted C3PO, and Herbert will be a creepy Obi-Wan Kenobi. Meg will, as always, either be forgotten or play an obscure character. Creator Seth MacFarlane supposedly unveiled footage from the episode at this year's mega-Star Wars convention so if any of you schmoes that was there caught a glimpse if it, maybe you could strike back a little something about it. The sixth season of "Family Guy" premieres September 10th.

Extra Tidbit: The original voice of Meg Griffin was Lacey Chabert before "That 70s Show's" Mila Kunis took over.
Source: Variety



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