Fan asks David O. Russell to cast Nathan Fillion as Drake in Uncharted, in person

How seriously was fan favorite Nathan Fillion actually considered for the lead role in David O. Russell's UNCHARTED? This video has the answer, and it's bounded to make fans depressed and angry.

After a screening of THE FIGHTER at the Arclight in LA, an intrepid fan asks Russell if he would reconsider Fillion for the role over Mark Wahlberg. The response? Nathan who?

Russell is told by his agent that he was sent Fillion's audition tape, but shortly thereafter he admits he has no idea who is being talked about, and is blissfully unaware of the internet campaign to get Fillion the part.

Guess we've just been shouting into the abyss this whole time, which explains the nepotism in the Wahlberg pick, who I maintain is a horrible choice for the role. Imagine asking FANS who they think is the right choice for the part. You know, the people who buy the tickets?

Extra Tidbit: If you're still not convinced Fillion is right for the part, see this video for incontrovertible proof.
Source: YouTube



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