Fan videos for #TickSaveMyCity sent to the producer and star of The Tick

I've loved what Amazon has done with the new live-action THE TICK. While the cartoon was a crazy lampoon of the ridiculousness of comics, and the 2001 Patrick Warburton series was basically SEINFELD with capes, this new version has the eponymous crazy blue strongman plopped in the middle of a gritty Netflix-style show - and hilarity ensues. Now, each iteration of THE TICK is great in its own right (I loved the cartoon and first live-action version), so I have high hopes for the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, Amazon is running a contest for #TickSavesTheCity, where fans send videos explaining a local problem they'd like The Tick to fix. Here's more information:

Joining forces ahead of the anticipated series premiere of The Tick, creative network, Tongal and Amazon collaborated on the #TickSaveMyCity

 Fan Contest urging citizens to submit videos describing a problem in their local cities for the opportunity to have The Tick save their city! 

Numerous videos about mission-driven causes were submitted during the first phase of the campaign and Amazon, along with the executive producer of The Tick, Barry Josephson (Bones, Life as We Know it) and star of the series Griffin Newman (Vinyl, Search Party) reviewed submissions and selected the top three finalist videos.

Beginning today, the three videos listed below will be live on Amazon’s YouTube playlist for public voting.

And here are the videos:

So which ones are you guys voting for? Meanwhile, THE TICK's first season on Amazon will premiere August 25th.

Extra Tidbit: I hope they find a way to put Chairface Chippendale into the new live-action series.
Source: Tongal



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