TV Review: Fargo - Season 2, Episode 6

Season 2, Episode 6: Rhinoceros

SUMMARY:  Lou (Patrick Wilson) finds himself in the middle of a deadly standoff with the Gerhardt clan after they come to town looking to lynch Ed (Jesse Plemons) and Peggy (Kirsten Dunst).

REVIEW: Poor Lou finds himself in the middle of his own ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 in this week's amazing episode of Fargo. It's incredible how Noah Hawley's show manages to outdo itself each and every week, and after last week's tense, bloody installment I wasn't at all sure this week's episode would be able to measure up. I shouldn't have under-estimated Hawley, as this week's episode might just be the best so far.

While these kinds of stand-off, bottle episodes are nothing new (the PRECINCT 13 model far predates that film – going back to the classic westerns that influenced John Carpenter), what is unique about the way Hawley's show handled this formula. Specifically, how he lets the feeling of dread mount throughout the episode but then manages to have it come to an unexpectedly non-violent conclusion, which the audience will no doubt find a relief, as Lou, Ted Danson's Sherrif and the rest of the Luverne PD are such a likable crew you don't want to see any of them buy the farm.

While the episode comes to a peaceful end, Lou's dealing with the Gerhardt clan will no doubt have a violent end, especially once Jeffrey Donovan's psycho Dodd gets involved, with him being sidelined by a bout with Kirsten Dunst's surprisingly capable Peggy.

There's so much to enjoy in this episode, with Ted Danson and Nick Offerman getting loads of screen-time this week. While Danson's sheriff always seemed a tad simple, he displays some of the sharpness his grand-daughter Molly possesses in season one, with him having a great exchange with Peggy where he tries to fathom why she didn't just come clean the moment she hit Rye, and clues her-in on the grim fate that now awaits her and Ed.

Offerman fares even better. While his whiskered, big-talking Carl has seemed like a bit of a joke so far, here he's revealed to be anything but, with him being roused from a drunken night out to work as Ed's attorney. His unexpectedly silver-tongued knowledge of the law comes in handy with him able to talk-out a peaceful solution with the Gerhardts, giving him something to brag about at the next lodge meeting (an end-credits treat).

As always, Fargo just keeps getting better and better. This was one hell of a good episode – maybe the best so far, and amazingly only one person died this week (a Gerhardt shooter accidentally plugged by Dodd). Oh – and as a treat for Coen Bros fans, we get cool seventies version of “A Man of Constant Sorrow” - which was famously featured in O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU. The perfect end to a perfect episode.

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone else notice Offerman's character's name is Carl Weathers?
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