Fast 8 cast talks up latest film in new featurette; trailer hits Dec. 11th

It looks like Universal is all about behind-the-scenes looks today! A new featurette for THE MUMMY was dropped alongside the trailer, and now we have a new glimpse of FAST 8 with the promise of the first trailer hitting on Sunday. The following features footage from previous FAST & FURIOUS films, as well as cast footage. Keep your eyes peeled until the end for a few shots from F. Gary Gray's FAST 8!

I don't think I'll ever not be surprised that there is a FAST & FURIOUS franchise, and that each new film brings in over $1 billion worldwide, but there ya have it! I know there are folks who probably look at this series as more than just popcorn entertainment, so it makes sense that Universal would push the family aspect of it all. I'll miss Paul Walker with the ensemble, but the likes of Charlize Theron has me really excited to see how the new film will go down!

FAST 8 will race into theaters on April 14, 2017.



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