Fatal Attraction to be remade as a television event series on FOX

If there is a term that is more played out than reboot it is event series. In recent years, networks have begun to produce single season runs of shows with closed storylines to try and gain viewers unwilling to commit to a multi-season series. It worked for Fargo and True Detective which have taken an anthology approach similar to FX's American Horror Story. While some, like FOX's Wayward Pines, have not lived up to their projected ratings, that isn't stopping the networks from trying again and again.

Deadline reports that they next film to get rebooted will be Adrian Lyne's 1988 bunny boiling thriller FATAL ATTRACTION. While that film was a box office hit and kick-started an entire sub-genre, it is not immune from being reimagined. The new series, which currently has no cast or directors attached, will follow the same plot of a married man whose affair comes back to haunt him in murderous ways.

Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer were excellent in the original movie which was very sexual in nature. How that will translate to network television is anyone's guess. But, I wouldn't be surprised if FOX tried to do something with the series and flip the genders of the protagonists or even their ethnicity. You know, for ratings. Whatever they do, this is another in a long line of ideas that seems to stem from it being cheaper to remake something familiar to audiences rather than try to come up with an original idea.

Assuming this goes forward, who would you see taking over the lead roles?

Source: Deadline



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