F*cking schwifty! A sneak peak at Rick and Morty season 3! *Burp* Hell yeah!

I can say, without hyperbole, that the Adult Swim show RICK AND MORTY is probably one of the best shows on television right now. It is hilarious, fun, exciting, and surprisingly deep and dramatic at times. The line "Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV" is some dark shit, but also touching in a way. And that kind of strain of goofy comedy and true emotional sincerity is the sort of thing that made the Dan Harmon years (one of the co-creators of the show) of COMMUNITY such a delight as well. Though RICK AND MORTY has the benefit of space fights and aliens.

Anyway, during an Adult Swim live stream, there was a sneak peak of a rough animatic for a scene from a season 3 episode. It has been luckily saved for us in posterity, so let's take a look:


This clip shows the kind of goofiness we've come to expect (Rick being dismissive of Morty's love life, the over-the-top space battle), but also the underlying emotional truths of the characters (the breakdown and the revelations about Rick's depression). It's all there.

Anyway, I'm stoked! But what do you Schmoes think? Sound off below!

Now, there's no firm release date set for season 3 of RICK AND MORTY (unfortunately), but it seems we won't be seeing new episode until probably March 2017. We'll keep you posted if anything changes!

Extra Tidbit: RICK AND MORTY began as a badly animated Flash series called "DOC AND MHARTI" that more resembled BACK TO THE FUTURE explicitly, and always ended with Mharti licking Doc's balls for some reason.
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