Fear The Walking Dead takes to the air for Flight 462 on the web

So what the hell are you supposed to do if you're in the middle of your flight from Point A to Point B when a zombie shows up on the scene? You can't run, and you know there aren't any weapons onboard, except for what the pilot has locked away up in the cockpit. My guess would be you try to pelt it in the head with stale peanuts and hope it isn't contagious from that guy who was touching everything on the way to his seat in 23C.

AMC, I'm sure, has different ideas in order to make for something much more compelling and terrifying, as they embark on a companion series on the web for FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, which will be entitled FLIGHT 462.

Set to run during Season 6 of THE WALKING DEAD, the 16-part series will give us a glimpse of an early outbreak that takes place on a commercial airliner, picking out select passengers who find themselves in danger as one of their fellow flyers makes the transformation into Walker mid-flight.

FLIGHT 462 will debut on AMC.com starting on October 4, and will then also air during a pair of commercial breaks during Season 6's premiere on October 11. The rest of the episodes will then launch with a new one popping up every Sunday of the new season, both online and during the show, running no longer than a minute a piece.

The hook for FLIGHT 462 is that one of the passengers will then show up in Season 2 of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, and, by watching, you will have felt as if you got the full story of who the hell they are and where they came from. Sneaky sneaky.

The idea of a zombie on a flight does have potential, and hopefully turns out much cooler than what we got with WORLD WAR Z... but how much story you can really tell with that many characters over the span of 16 minutes remains to be seen. I wish them the best of luck though. At least one series from THE WALKING DEAD that can hold my interest would be nice.

FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: FLIGHT 462 starts walking into your line of vision on October 4.

Source: AMC



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