February is director poll month at JoBlo.com! Celebrate with polls galore!

We here at Joblo respect all members of any filmmaking crew from the screenwriters, cinematographers and actors, all the way to the key grips, catering crew and wistful PA’s. They're all important, but on a movie set the director is king. They're the visionaries that bring stories to life, taking the screenwriter’s words and poofing them into being. The walls of the Director’s Hall of Fame are littered with icons old and new, and in this month of February we will be honoring them with a series of polls dedicated to shining a light on their achievements and letting you, the reader, reflect on them like fond memories from your youth. We have already done Christopher Nolan (see results here!) and Quentin Tarantino (and here!), and you will get a chance to vote on your favorites from Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, James Cameron and so many more throughout the month. These are all talented individuals, each with their own masterpieces. Who is your favorite?

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