The furious return in first The Fate of the Furious trailer & poster

The FAST AND FURIOUS franchise seems to be the only franchise that gets bigger with age. Ever since the fourth outing in 2009 the series has seen a resurgence with fans, with 2015’s FURIOUS 7 racking in $1.5 billion, becoming the sixth biggest movie of all time. So of course there’s an eighth movie on the way, and despite a head-scratching title, THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, it's gearing up to keep the money train moving…all before that train is crashed into by a series of street-racing cars. That kind of action is exactly what we can expect as evidenced by the new trailer below!

Embrace the testosterone!

In addition to the trailer we got the first teaser poster for the flick, which is the exact opposite in tone of the trailer, hinting the movie will have much more doom, gloom and thoughtful staring out of windows than we expected. As for the footage I've never been a big FURIOUS fan, and this movie looks like it will do little to change that. However, I was a little surprised to see they will be going down a different route by having Vin Diesel go against the team. Granted, it just gives them more reason to add "family" to all the advertisements. Bright side is that when Diesel says it for the tenth time we all get a free sandwich.

THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS will blow up a theater near you April 14.

Source: Universal



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