Ferrell is Two Face?

I knew that, at the very least, Batman fans would click on that headline. Swerve, chumps!

Fear not -- curled comic Will Ferrell isn't taking over the role of half-crispy DA Harvey Dent in the next Batman movie. He is, however, planning to star in a Sony comedy-drama titled TWO FACE. The script comes from writer Vince Gilligan, one of the (many) people involved in piecing together the (unfinished?) puzzle that was HANCOCK -- and like that movie, this one will probably also get a name change before it hits screens.

The story would find Ferrell playing "a racist who, after a prank gone awry, develops a split personality." It will also presumably involve him taking his shirt off, which seems to be a contractual requirement.

Ferrell has apparently been circling the project for years, and now the plan is to get it rolling before his SHERLOCK HOLMES comedy with Sacha Baron Cohen. He'll next be seen in STEP BROTHERS and LAND OF THE LOST.
Extra Tidbit: This list of Ferrell's Top Ten SNL skits is pretty much on the mark.
Source: Variety



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