Ferrell & Wahlberg?

UPDATE - Sony, who previously teamed with Ferrell and McKay on STEP BROTHERS and TALLADEGA NIGHTS, picked up the rights to THE B-TEAM and is ready to begin filming as soon as McKay does a quick rewrite on the script.

An adaptation of THE A-TEAM is moving ahead at Fox with Joe Carnahan directing but what about THE B-TEAM? Variety reports that THE B-TEAM is an action-comedy making the rounds at studios yesterday that would star Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. Directed by Adam McKay (STEP BROTHERS) and with a script by Chris Henchy, the film would star Ferrell and Wahlberg as mismatched cops (and likely some kind of spoof of buddy cop movies). At first glance the pairing of Ferrell and Wahlberg might seem odd but it seems that they've been brought together by the script by Henchy who wrote Ferrell's LAND OF THE LOST and is a producer on Wahlberg's "Entourage." Ferrell and McKay are currently working on the former's one-man Broadway show "You're Welcome America" and could get B-TEAM set up to start filming this summer for a 2010 release. Wahlberg doesn't strike me as a naturally funny guy but perhaps that's the whole point. How does this project sound to you?

Extra Tidbit: Wahlberg and Ferrell's buddy John C. Reilly didn't get along on the set of BOOGIE NIGHTS.
Source: Variety



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