Fifty Shades of Grey will be brought to you by the producers of The Social Network and the screenwriter of...The Tooth Fairy?

I wish I had thought up this headline when I was writing the April Fools Day article this year, because it sounds so utterly ridiculous. And yet, this will easily lend credibility to any fake news stories posted.

When it was reported that the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY movie (note that I did not use the word "film" which is reserved for movies worth the film they are made on) would be produced by the team behind THE SOCIAL NETWORK, I nodded my head that at least there would be some class brought to the project. Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti have also produced BOOGIE NIGHTS and 21 along withe upcoming Paul Greengrass film CAPTAIN PHILLIPS.

But, the screenwriter is a different story. A good producer will bring in the right people to direct and write a film and De Luca and Brunetti have made a bizarre first choice.

Actor/screenwriter Jim Piddock has apparently been tapped to write the screenplay based on E.L. James' erotic mommy porn novel. Piddock is more recognized as an actor having appeared in numerous films and television shows. He is most recognized for his appearances in EPIC MOVIE as Magneto and Christopher Guest's BEST IN SHOW as the television analyst for the dog show broadcast. As a screenwriter, he is responsible for the Samuel L. Jackson/Eugene Levy movie THE MAN and the Dwayne Johnson masterpiece THE TOOTH FAIRY.

So, naturally, this comedic genius is the perfect fit for a dead serious erotic film.

If FIFTY SHADES OF GREY were worth taking seriously, this would be outrageous, but seeing as the book is one step away from being a Harlequin romance novel, I can only laugh at this. For those of you who are fans of the FIFTY SHADES trilogy, what do you think of this news?

Source: VarietyMoviehole



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