Fighter falling apart

Darren Aronofsky has what appears to be a critical and commercial success on his hands with the upcoming film THE WRESTLER. So why is he having such a hard time mobilizing his next film, another sports drama titled THE FIGHTER? Originally set to star Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon, the film followed a boxer named Micky Ward and his right to a lightweight title with the help of his brother. Damon eventually left the project to be replaced by Brad Pitt. Wahlberg was training and things seemed to be going well. Not so much now. Aronofsky told The Playlist that Brad Pitt too has left the project (only the second time Pitt has left an Aronofsky film) and that they're "having problems casting." Wahlberg is out promoting MAX PAYNE and told Coming Soon that THE FIGHTER is "not even happening" despite the fact that he's filmed three movies since he's been training for the boxing film. With The Playlist saying the subject of THE FIGHTER was a "sore subject" for Aronofsky, it may be some time, if at all, before the film goes before cameras. Don't forget that Aronofsky recently signed a deal with MGM to reinvent the ROBOCOP franchise, which could very well be his next film.

Extra Tidbit: I'd much rather see THE FIGHTER than a ROBOCOP remake...
Source: Playlist



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