Final poster for Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand features a gun and a Knoxville

The final poster for Arnold Schwarzenegger's comeback film, THE LAST STAND, has arrived and it's a rather lackluster affair, featuring a Gatling gun and Johnny Knoxville looking like the village idiot.  I don't understand how he gets second billing.  My guess is that faith in Schwarzenegger to carry a film is at a low, so the hope is to bring in the Jackass crowd.  Smart move, I guess, but the last two posters for the film sold it much better than this one. 

Here it is:

I'm looking forward to the film, as it looks like a good, fun throwback for ol' Arnie and a solid launching point for his much-better looking slate to follow.  Knoxville is great in the Jackass films, because that's where he belongs.  Seeing him in just about anything else, just playing himself, is like a parody anymore.  At least Jamie Alexander is there...but, I digress.

THE LAST STAND, directed by Kim Jee-Woon, and starring Schwarzenegger, Knoxville, Jaimie Alexander, Peter Stormare, Harry Dean Stanton, Luis Guzman, Rodrigo Santoro, Forest Whitaker, Genesis Rodriguez, and Zach Gilford opens on January 18, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Does Knoxville being in this hurt or help the film for you?
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