Fincher directing MI:3?

David Fincher's next film PANIC ROOM opens in just a few short weeks (and still has surprisingly nothing more than a teaser page over at the official site) but that won't stop everyone from wondering exactly what's next for the director.  We reported here few months back that Fincher would team with Brad Pitt to film the WWII movie THEY FOUGHT ALONE.  But he might be getting a more lucrative offer from another A-list Hollywood hunk.  Word is Tom Cruise has his eye on Finch to direct the third installment of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE.  Would he do it?  Not sure and I don't think it's even progressed that far.  But Cruise has a knack of getting his man.  Considering he left Anthony Minghella's COLD MOUNTAIN, his post-MINORITY REPORT schedule has only the possibility of THE LAST SAMURAI.  So MI:3 may hit the fast-track and Fincher could very well be the man for the job.  Certainly is an interesting possibility and we'll have to keep our eyes and ears peeled.

Source: Variety
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