Find out how the activity began in this poster for Paranormal Activity 3

Sometimes I feel like the only person who wasn't frightened while watching PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Actually, I spent a lot of the time giggling to myself. "That Ouija board just caught on fire!" Yes, that's because the game was ridding itself of having to be in the movie. What you don't know is that was the 5th Ouija board they had to bring to the set. After several boards, they just said f*ck it and kept the fire scene in.

Anyway, I know some of you do enjoy the film so I'll shut my yap and concentrate on this new poster for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3. We don't know a ton about the film but we know enough. The third installment takes place in 1988 when Kristi and Katie are kids. Like most kids do at some point in their life, the sisters call on Bloody Mary in their bathroom one night. Usually nothing happens, but here the girls have apparently brought that scary bitch Mary out of her slumber...or some whatever ghostly apparition its suppose to be.

The poster shows the girls sleeping in their beds with the dark ghostie floating between them. Check it out for yourself below and click for the hi-res version over at the Pimpin' Poster Palace.

Source: JoBlo.com



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