Find out how you can see We Bought a Zoo four weeks early

If you're like me, you're looking forward to the return of Cameron Crowe this holiday season with his first film in six years, WE BOUGHT A ZOO. I must not be the only person excited to see this movie because Fox has decided to give it a sneak peek across the country four weeks early. You can get in on this early action - but how?

Fox is releasing WE BOUGHT A ZOO on Saturday, November 26th on the very family-oriented movie weekend. This comes after families responded strongly to the film in recent test screenings. You don't need to sign up on a website or do anything fancy at all. Just check your local theater for tickets and show up!

Following the sneak on Saturday night, Crowe will be taking part in a live chat on the web to discuss the film and, presumably, whatever else you want to ask him. Said Crowe of the news, "I’m really excited about these sneaks. Holding previews so far ahead of our opening is a bold move – but that’s one of the many reasons I like it. I couldn’t be prouder of WE BOUGHT A ZOO and...I’m looking forward to chatting with audiences online following the sneaks."

Right now it doesn't appear you need to be near any major city as the sneaks will be happening nationwide (and theoretically in Canada as well).

THE MUPPETS, another family-skewed film, opens that same weekend so it'll be interesting to see if ZOO can have a strong showing and build some word of mouth in anticipation of its release in December.

Source: JoBlo.com



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