Find the Force augmented reality game coming for Force Friday II

STAR WARS fans are known for going to extreme lengths to collect the latest merchandise and gears, adding them to their plethora of treasures to put on display. The time is nigh for those hunting skills to be put back to work, as the new line of THE LAST JEDI-themed merch is going on sale soon, and to mark the occasion fans will get to experience an event that will allow them to collect like they’ve never collected before.

In celebration of Force Friday II, Disney and Lucasfilm are releasing a game for your phone that will allow you to travel across the land and “collect” certain characters via the STAR WARS app. The, FIND THE FORCE, will make use of augmented reality software that will allow users to scan certain FIND THE FORCE logos, generating a digital character on the screen (much like POKEMON GO) as if they magically appeared in the room. Fans can then take pictures and videos of the characters and gain tokens to add to the collection.

A video can be seen here that takes you through the experience. There’s no shame in needing a visual aid:

Taking place from Sept 1-3, fans can collect up to 15 characters (five new ones a day) by scanning the codes located at any of the 20,000 participating retailers in over 30 countries. Starting today, if you download the latest version of the app you can gain access to the new and adorable Porg characters ahead of the event. They’re so fluffy!

That’s not all. If you share the videos and pictures online with the hashtag #FindtheForce and #Sweepstakes during the weekend of Sept 1-3 you will be entered for a chance to win a trip to the LAST JEDI  premiere to hang out with all the real-life versions of characters you digitally collected. You can even go up to Daisy Ridley and say, “You’re my favorite person in my collection,” and maniacally laugh.

STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI arrives December 15.



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