First reactions to Disney's A Wrinkle in Time are a mixed bag

BLACK PANTHER is still tearing up the box office, but next weekend the movie may face some competition in Disney’s A WRINKLE IN TIME from Ava DuVernay. The movie looks like a visual feast and showcases a tremendous cast, and now a handful of people who have seen it are able to talk about it now that the social media embargo has been lifted. So far, the responses have been mixed, with industry insiders, writers, and critics all offering opinions ranging from loving it to saying it very much missed the mark.

One noticeable aspect is that despite plenty of journalists and entertainment figures probably having seen the movie when it premiered last night there is a surprising lack of responses out there, especially for a movie this size. We will get a better idea of what the critics and those who have seen it think when the actual review embargo lifts on March 7 (two days before release), but for now take a look at some of the reactions.

As always, you should go and see the movie for yourself in order to judge properly. The movie looks like it has a lot to offer, including the top-notch cast and impressive visuals. I'm anxious to hear more reactions about the movie and what kind of conversations it sparks, and will likely be checking it out when it hits March 9!

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