First awkward clip from Woody Allen's Tall Dark Stranger

Look, I know it's like, film blasphemy to say this out loud, but I just do not like Woody Allen movies. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a few classics like ANNIE HALL and MANHATTAN, but the vast majority of the time, his stuff just rubs me the wrong way.

A perfect example of this is demonstrated in this first clip from his new film, YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER. It features Antonio Banderas and Naomi Watts talking to each other in a way that no human being has actually interacted with another. All of Allen’s movies lately feel more to me like stage plays with low-rent actors than actual films.

Tear me up if you disagree I suppose, as maybe I’m missing some brilliant, ironic cinematic style here, but hey, it’s just what I think.

Pardon the subtitles:

Extra Tidbit: Also, the fact he believes Scarlett Johansson to be his muse and a great actress makes me question him further.
Source: Allocine.fr



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