First detailed look at Man of Steel's Faora in action-figure form

We haven't seen much of the villains from the upcoming MAN OF STEEL, minus a few snippets here and there, but today we have very detailed look at Faora, the female minion of Zod (Michael Shannon) in her action-figure form.  In the film, Faora is portrayed by actress Antje Traue, who you may remember from the sci-fi flick PANDORUM.  The comic-book origin of the character has always been associated with Zod, although the character of Ursa, as seen in SUPERMAN and SUPERMAN II, was a bit of a hybrid.  Either way, the criminal aspect and association with Zod, not to mention her hatred of men in general, has been universal. 

The figure is Mattel's Movie Masters series, which show a high level of detail and articulation.  The design is pretty sharp and I'm digging the armor and cape aspect that's been employed here, which is consistent with some of the more recent incarnations of the character(s) in the comics.

Take a look:

Rumor has it that there will be a new MAN OF STEEL trailer in April, so we've still got a while before we get to deep into what to expect. The studio is definitely playing the film close to the chest and have been very careful in what they release.  Thus far, the best look we've had at anyone in the film has been via an action figure, minus a few good shots of Henry Cavill as Superman.  I look forward to seeing it all be unveiled, to be sure.

MAN OF STEEL takes flight on June 14, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: I've never seen Pandorum. Anyone care to sell me?
Source: MTV



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