First Fast Five photos show everything but the cars

So when did THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS series start thinking it was a serious action franchise? Since the last movie, gone are the riced-out imports, the goofy one-liners and most of the absurdity that make the past films “awfully good” classics.

Rather, FAST AND FURIOUS just tried to be a straight up action film with a few cars tossed into the mix, and it seems that FAST FIVE is following that same path, at least in these new photos where the most exciting car featured is a new Dodge Charger. Woo hoo.

We do learn a few things from the new photos however. Paul Walker’s gotten Jordana Brewster pregnant, and The Rock has grown out his facial hair to look ten times more terrifying than usual, and would appear to be playing some sort of law enforcement character.

One group shot of the gang holding guns is very CITY OF GOD, and it appears that Han from the last film and TOKYO DRIFT is still around and not yet blown up, which gives us a better timeframe of when this is taking place.

Check out the stills below, and head over to Kinogallery for more.

Extra Tidbit: I blame the original film for why I have a $600 cat-back exhaust system on my Ford Focus. Oh the folly of 16 year-olds.
Source: Kinogallery



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