First Frozen 2 trailer teases a sweeping, icy animated adventure

For the last five and a half years, Disney has been riding high off the wild success of the animated juggernaut FROZEN, which went on to win two Oscars and became the biggest animated movie ever with over $1.2 billion in the global bank. While it seems like only yesterday that you heard “Let it Go” blaring in some coffee shop somewhere (it probably was only yesterday) it’s taken years to get a sequel in theaters, but now the very first teaser footage for the soon-to-be-massive sequel is here, and it teases an outing that looks, well, far more epic than you were expecting.

Featuring no dialogue, this trailer nixes the silly jokes in favor of some large set pieces, grand action and sweeping music to showcase this movie’s sprawling fantasy adventure. The end result is something far more dramatically hefty than any of us were expecting, certainly not when there’s likely new hit songs to tease and lots more with the tiny talking snowman Olaf (Josh Gad).  Frankly, the fact they avoided that is pretty great. We've heard songs and witnessed the shenanigans of the snowman again and again, so showcasing the rather beautiful, sweeping animation with nothing but the score playing makes the premise seem fresh and bolder than the last movie. It was a smart move not leaning into Olaf for the first footage, but I think they leaned into him enough by forcing everyone to watch his animated short back in 2017 in front of Pixar's COCO. 

Along with Gad, FROZEN 2 will feature the returning voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff with stars Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown joining the cast. Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee direct with a script by Lee and Allison Schroeder

FROZEN 2 is in theaters November 22.



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