First full Rango trailer is probably what peyote is like

What the what? I must have missed the memo on this project until yesterday, when I saw the first poster for RANGO, the Gore Verbinski/Johnny Depp animated project that has a chameleon wandering around a strange desert.

I would have thought that the next time that pair got together, it would have been because someone gave them boatloads of cash to make another PIRATES film, not for a kids movie that I can best describe after this trailer as one hell of a trip.

I’ve never done peyote, but I imagine it’s something like this, where strange desert creatures talk to you, and giant mechanical fish sail across your vision like it’s a perfectly normal occurance.

The animation looks pretty excellent, and Verbinski and Depp are both exceptionally talented, so all weirdness aside, I’m very curious to see just what the hell RANGO turns out to be.

Check it out below or go to Apple for HD

Extra Tidbit: Doesn’t Depp’s chameleon remind you of his FEAR AND LOATHING character?
Source: Apple



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